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The Parliament buildings are a block away and pal mall swarms with office workers: women in brightly colored summer dresses Fuck buddies Hamm high heels and men in short-sleeve dress shirts and ties. They eat fast-melting ice cream cones, soak up the sun, and listen to a five-piece band blowing laid-back jazz on a sound stage provided by the local newspaper. This is the heart of civil servant Ottawa.

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The Parliament buildings are a block away and the mall swarms with office workers: women in sky sydney escort colored summer dresses and high heels and men in short-sleeve dress shirts and ties.

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Good discrete oral 4 u They eat fast-melting ice cream cones, soak up the sun, and listen to a five-piece band blowing laid-back jazz on a sound stage provided by the local newspaper. This is the heart of civil servant Ottawa. Two women and a man, late 20s, chat casually on a bench.

They are asked: Have you ever been involved in the peace movement? And then the only ones who do are either young parents or old hippies. The Ottawa peace movement is bigger and broader than that.

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It is professionals, unionists, artists, seniors, church congregations, students, teachers, feminists, retired generals, politicians, neighbors, teenagers. Many of them you never see; they don't march in the street, go to wirh, or get their pictures in the newspaper, but they're out there-the invisible supporters. Maria and Paul Rigby have peace parties in their home.

Both are infinitely warm and hospitable-the kind of people who chat easily with neighbors over the back fence. Paul, 45, is a professor of theology. He wears glasses and has an English accent. Maria, 37, has the same blue eyes, glasses, and an even wider smile.

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She spends her days caring for their three children, luve says the idea for peace parties came to her one day in the bathtub. Paul's University. It's a quiet, friendly area of old but well-kept bungalows, and young couples with. People stop their cars and chat in the middle of the street and play slow-pitch ball on the diamonds down the street.

Maria and Paul threw the first peace party in January Those guests were invited pauo host their own parties and since then, the has mushroomed to the point that the Rigbys no longer know how many people have Single slutts in Allentown Pennsylvania part. Certainly hundreds. Paul says the purpose of the parties is to draw more people into the search for peace, and to make the issue as important to society as unemployment, mortgages, and bank rates.

A typical party begins with introductions around the room Lady wants hot sex AL Lisman 36912 statements from all guests as to why they have come. Most already know each other. Snacks and punch are provided, and a facilitator often Paul who is familiar with the issues, will start the discussion. He will fill in with facts when needed, and sometimes prevent a friendly conversation from turning into a debate.

People will get quite excited, Paul says, but never out of hand. It's a safe environment. Guests are among friends and that level of trust permits a depth of discussion not obtained in large Woman want nsa Kingsport or church halls. The two most commonly discussed subjects blondde Can we trust the Soviets?

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For most members of the Peace Parties Network, including Paul and Maria, these heart-to-heart discussions are the first involvement caht the peace movement. Can we trust the Soviets?

This year-old woman with a Russian face and a Russian soul says yes. Her father was Latvian and her mother, chzt is 91 and living with her in Ottawa, is Russian. Pollonetsky was born and raised in China.

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She was a prisoner of war in Hong Kong during the Second World War, practiced medicine in mainland China untiland lived in Israel with her Jewish husband for five years. She is now semi-retired. She has broad, flat features, dark eyes with a hint of green, black hair with a touch of gray. She speaks perfect English with a Slavic trace.

The poetic images and rhythms in her speech are Russian traits, she says. They are totally human people. If you cut them, they'll bleed.

And they bled a lot in World War II. They don't wish to bleed again if they can help it. She says the Soviet system gives socialism a bad name.

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She grew up in the time of Stalin, outside of the USSR and among expatriates who were critical of the leadership. Fanaticism there is on the wane. They have brought in respected speakers, such as Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, Stephen Lewis, author Carl Sagan, and economist John Kenneth Galbraith, to address the members and the public, and to speak to government leaders.

Many Ottawa physicians don'tPollonetsky says, because Housewives wants sex tonight KS Potwin 67123 too busy juggling professional, academic, and personal lives. But they're sympathetic, she says, and as many as twice the local membership-have turned livr to hear some guest speakers.

She herself is active for maternal reasons: She has two daughters and three grandchildren. The peace movement is poorly represented in the media, Pollonetsky says, and she would like to see the formation of a Journalists for Social Responsibility group.

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A third generation of children is being fed the myth of the Soviet menace, she says, and this is the basis of the cold war. She tells the story of friends who were Find in Boise fucking girl two visiting Soviet women doctors in their home. The next day, when the friends' daughter told classmates about the two Russian lady doctors, another child asked, "Do they have guns?

I'm Richard Sanders. Welcome to Voice for Peace. It's a musical voice, earnest and emotional, with a note of urgency. Sanders has logged 45 hours of airtime over a xhat and a half, first on CFUO, a University of Ottawa station broadcasting on campus to students, and off campus on cable FM to the public.

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He's a radical. A spiritual, compassionate, heavy-set, near-sighted, year-old radical with a masters degree in cultural anthropology. He goes to trial in September to face two charges of trespassing. The first charge is for blocking the road in front of the External Affairs building on the eve of a summit meeting. His mother and 24 others were charged with him and she was a guest on his next show.

The second charge is for blocking the doorways of Eldorado Nuclear Ltd.

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These were symbolic acts, pahl says, deed to expose a contradiction in the Canadian justice system-criminal behavior, protected by law. They're destroying the environment, they're fueling the arms race, and we're sqint ones who get arrested," he paull incredulously. Sanders would break the law, without violence, in order to change it. His decision developed with his conscience. He was brought up in the Unitarian church-the Ottawa congregation is quite active in the peace movement-and his father's background is Quaker: pacifist.

His parents have been active in social issues since the early s, when Richard was a small. They were part of the anti-Vietnam War movement, the civil rights movement, opposition to the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, and Iso man who enjoys giving pleasure to a woman also belonged to the New Democratic Party.

Sanders remembers a busy childhood.

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By the end of high school, I was searching for a part I could play in the movement for social change. In particular, he studied spirituality, creativity and how individuals and their cultures are changed. Periodically, he left the books to travel. In Central America he saw the soldiers and machine guns that keep fascist governments in power. In India and Nepal he saw extreme poverty, temples and the mountains glonde fill a person with religious awe. He did volunteer work with religious peace groups during university, and started working full time as coordinator of the Ottawa Peace Resource Centre in the fall of The resource centre is a focal point of the Ottawa peace movement.

Sanders worked many hour days for over a year and finally left the centre, tired, frustrated, and disillusioned with the docile methods of the peace movement. He says he heard an External Affairs official, speaking about the strategies of the movement, admit that petitions and letters Horny women in Galeton, PA protest are thrown into the garbage.

The people who build nuclear weapons will not be dissuaded by "If we really believe that the world is on the edge of a precipice, that nuclear war can destroy us all, xaint are we sitting around writing petitions to the people who are doing it?

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Ifs like writing a letter to Satan. As Ottawa's mayor, she pushed the disarmament chhat and other peace bills through city council. She's led thousands Los Angeles woman adult hookups foods peace marchers through the city and up to the federal parliament buildings. She's always willing to speak at meetings, and has given legitimacy to a movement that waint for credibility.

Now 58, Dewar often travels at the invitation of peace groups. In the past few months, she's addressed a conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, the Peace Festival in Vancouver, and 50, people who walked in a Peace March in Winnipeg.

She thinks the residents of Ottawa are willing to support the peace movement, but says federal civil servants are nervous of supporting political activities. Dewar suggests the movement concentrate on peace promotion at the neighborhood, community level. She saw evidence of Dupree SD bi horney housewifes neighborhood campaigning in Winnipeg before their big march: lawn s that said "We're walking for peace on June The Peace Resource Centre is one room in the basement of a church.

Shelves along one wall are filled with books, booklets, and cardboard files; the friendly woman psul the desk just inside the door explains that the collection is arranged by subject, geographical area, and working organization.

A rack filled with magazines sits in one corner and two file cabinets in another. A man dressed in a shirt and tie, with a packsack and bicycle helmet beside him, is working at the oval table that fills much of the room. The ceiling is low; the walls are covered with posters and bulging cardboard boxes squat against the baseboards. The centre has been open for almost three years and is directed by a seven-member board that oversees operation and fundraising.

It acts Sexy housewives seeking nsa Gladstone-Tannum Sands Queensland an umbrella organization.