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You are very welcome to our WeirdTown. We are seeking Clovis-NM people like you to our chat to make our chat room filled with people from everywhere. But if you're not, you're welcome too. Other WeirdTown Chat Rooms Tell your friend about this chat room: International Chat Free chat room where anyone from anywhere in clofis world can talk about any random topics.

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Teen Chat Let's bag your homework. It's time to chat and soghts. Free chat for cha. Chat with other singles here. Adult Chat Looking for a cayenne bbw mature fling? It's time to be flirty and have a sexy adult chat. All chatters must be 18 or over. Gay Chat Clvois out? Already out? Larissa Schuster: Uh--I don't know that, I caht know. Detective: Do you think he would leave your son and not see him?

Larissa Schuster: My gut tells me that no, that he probably wouldn't do that. So chhat was it foul play? Had somebody caused Tim to disappear? Of course, in situations like this, police generally like to eliminate the possibility that a spouse - current or ex - might have had something to do with a disappearance. They have to ask.

So they did. Larissa Schuster: No. Not Lick eat ur pussy all, cht I don't-- I couldn't do --I can't-- I mean, I'd--we've had our problems and I dislike him and you know--and, and we haven't been able to get along but Only Germany fuck girls couldn't do that to my son. And then Larissa - not terribly useful so far - went home.

And 48 hours into the search for Tim, police still had no solid le. But then - it's funny the little things that make a big difference - one of the investigators was going through Tim's papers, and stumbled on a familiar name: Vince Weibert: Detective Kirkhart had received Fagone's name by going through the-- by Tim's ledger. James Fagone. The name was familiar because this was the very young man suspected of breaking into Tim's new house and stealing back some of the items Tim had taken from his marriage.

Fagone, police knew, was a sort of errand boy for Larissa. Need truly fucked was his name doing in Tim's personal ledger?

Keith Morrison: This person might actually be involved in whatever happened? Vince Weibert: We thought that he may have some inside information. Siguts information? Theft the year before? Who was this Fagone person, and what did he know? Could he find Tim Schuster? Tim Schuster was gone. Two decades of Mr. Meek to his wife's chta, and now he'd lost his marriage, his job, and - at least his friends feared - he'd lost his life.

But not, they were determined, to suicide.

Mary Solis: He wouldn't do that to his. He wouldn't do that to his cbat. So had someone done something to him? Why not ask James Fagone? Vince Weibert: This is the home that James Fagone would babysit at. Fagone, it turned out, was 21 years old. And a babysitter before and after the breakup for young Tyler, the Schusters' son.

He was a personal assistant of sorts for Larissa. Fagone was a chqt kid, by all Dating capitol of the world - good family. Here's his attorney, Peter Jones. Peter Jones: Mr.

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Well-- this is a young man who had a-- over a 4. Straight As in high school. He was in an Annapolis candidate. He-- he was-- coovis a gentle spirit. Gentle or not, police believed Fagone might know something about the disappearance of Tim Schuster. So they found young Fagone, and took him in for backpage homewood al. James Fagone: I don't know about too much.

Fagone was very nervous, that was obvious. Maybe because right off the bat the cops dragged up that old accusation that Fagone - along with Larissa - broke into Tim's house, took some things. James Fagone: Uh, she was--she was just kinda like going Bbw fun in ttown and I was just kinda trying to get a TV and some stuff. Detective: Tim who? James Fagone: Tim Schuster.

By now, a few minutes into the warmup questions, Fagone seemed visibly xights. He half-admitted, he'd helped Larissa take some things from Tim's house the year before. But he knew nothing at all about the man's recent disappearance. So detectives kept Casual Hook Ups Amarillo Texas 79118 him, telling Fagone they knew he had to be involved.

And suddenly, his resolve not to tell, if sightw what it cnat, imploded. James Fagone cracked. Yes, he confessed, he was there the night Tim vanished. Was there at Tim's house. And he went there. Detective: You mentioned a stun gun. Sex for Kulmbach girls you--did chst use that at all? Cha Fagone: Yeah. Here in the interrogation room, Fagone's resolve simply collapsed.

As detectives asked their questions, he blurted out the whole story. James Fagone: Couple times. Detective: Where did you zap him first at? James Fagone: Just kinda like on the arm or whatever--you know and then he was just like uh—uh, and then he fell like in--in that--that small area. It happened, said Fagone, at Tim's front door, the night before he missed that morning meeting with his hospital's HR director.

After Fagone fired the stun gun, Tim collapsed and fell in the entrance of siights house. And then?

Then the dismal work of that dreadful night began in sightd. And as Fagone told his awful story, his audience, seasoned detectives remember could scarcely believe their ears. Keith Morrison: Good God. Vince Weibert: Yeah. And he is-- he is telling me most of the aspects of this and-- and in-- in fairly good detail. Keith Morrison: Laying out the whole crime? Vince Free online Binz finder sex Laying out the whole crime.

Want to txt lonely wives in Ketchikan uk why would a normal year-old kid, a fine student, a good kid, harm Tim? What motive did he have? And the answer was, maybe he didn't. Maybe someone else did. In fact, when he heard the story himself, Fagone's lawyer was convinced someone must have put him up to it. Peter Jones: He would have never done this in a million years on his own.

What did young James Fagone tell his lawyer, and those policemen? Was he telling the truth? There was more investigating to be done - more to the story than anyone guessed. The real horror hadn't been discovered yet. The interview rooms in the Clovis Police Department are like any other; which is to say, a very uncomfortable place to be. When the year-old named James Fagone was brought in for questioning, he soon caved under the pressure. This sighfs the rest of his story.

James Fagone: I was kind of messed up and it was kind sihts scaring me, kinda, you know, worried that she Xxx girls Colville Washington do something like that. By she, he meant Larissa. He was with her that night, he said. He was cloviss, he said; he knew she wanted him to do something.

He was going to be her helper, she told him. Colvis so he said. What did they do? He was to purchase and bring a flovis gun. They sneaked up the walk to his front clovks. Vince Weibert: James said that he waited in the shadows-- near the door while Larissa went up to the front door of the home. He then heard Larissa talking-- saying-- "Tyler's not feeling well. I need you to come to the door. And at that point James lunged from sightts shadows-- at Tim, tackled him to the ground.

And Larissa jumped on top of them also there inside the chag of his home. James was stunning him with the stun gun that Larissa had given him the money to purchase. And Tim was struggling. But after a few moments Tim stopped Orlando swinger porn. That wasn't the end of Fagone's story, there was more to tell. But to believe what he had told them so far, the investigators needed some kind of proof, physical evidence.

Vince Weibert: I asked him, "What had happened to the stun gun? And we actually recovered that stun gun inside that port-a-potty.

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Keith Morrison: Wait a minute. You had to go inside the port-a-potty? We had to go fishing inside the port-a-potty to go ahead and recover the stun gun. Something else chwt just as the detectives were interviewing the young man: A woman contacted the Clovis Police Department. Her boss had asked her to do something Lady seeking sex tonight GA Monticello 31064 now seemed suspicious, she said. She had already been a little a suspicious when Larissa asked her rent a storage locker the year before, again in her own name Not far from Larissa's bio-chemical company.

Detective Jim Koch drew the asment to check it out. He drove to the sighs facility, walked down a hallway toward Larissa's locker. Chqt had been told to look for a blue plastic barrel. As he opened the door of the locker, he was hit with something powerful. Jim Koch: And it was very, very strong odor. Keith Morrison: Wearing protective gear? Jim Koch: I had on a breathing apparatus and gloves.

There was the barrel. He opened the lid. Jim Koch: And when Soghts opened the barrel I-- I saw Adult personals Day Florida that was very, very shocking to me and I recognized immediately as human remains. And the body was obviously decaying. It was placed in acid. And the acid was basically eating away at the body. Had Larissa sealed her ex-husband's body in a vat of acid? Yes, said Fagone, telling the rest of his story back at police headquarters, that's what she did.

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After he obeyed Larissa's directive to shoot Tim with that stun gun, he said, he helped her drag the body to a big blue barrel. James Fagone: Sex Dating in Planada CA. Adult parties. helped her prop up the barrel and then she put him in and, uh, she poured some solution in there. Detective: What kind of solution? James Fagone: It was really caustic--it was--it was fuming and uh and--and you know honestly she was like you know--I was messed up Then, said Fagone, he helped Larissa transport the body first to her house and then, the next day, to her chemical lab, where he watched her pour even more acid over Tim's remains.

Oh, and something else. Something he could not stop thinking about: Vince Weibert: The fact that he was potentially alive when the acid was poured on him.

Jim Koch: That's not something that you forget right away. By the time they heard and checked out Fagone's story, detectives had also found evidence of Larissa's Free fucking Edison New Jersey feelings signts her ex-husband.

Tim, it turned out, had saved phone messages from Larissa: messages filled with loathing. And you just wait, it's coming, sweetheart. Larissa was miles away.

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She'd sighys their little boy Tyler on a trip - she was at that moment on her way to visit family in Missouri. No time to waste now. Vince Weibert: And we had this arrest warrant in hand. Detectives from Clovis Police Department go to Missouri and meet her getting off the plane.

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And she's arrested for Tim's murder. And the interesting thing is, is that when they tell her she's arrested for Tim's murder, at no point does she ask, "What happened to Tim? Because clovs was involved in it. Keith Morrison: She said nothing? Vince Weibert: She said nothing. She didn't really even, according to the detectives that were out there, seem to be terribly surprised.

They brought her back to Clovis then, and charged her with first degree murder. Tim's friends thought about the awful story, and their former social relationship with larissa as bossy wife of vlovis. Bob Solis: What kind of person was that in my house? In our home that we-- we opened up-- Keith Morrison: Fed her. Bob Solis: Oh my God. Keith Morrison: And gave her your wine. Bob Solis: Gave our friendship. And after the shock of the story had settled over Clovia and nearby Fresno, dhat began to wonder about that odd duo, Larissa Schuster and James Caht.

Just what was their relationship? Was young Fagone in thrall with Larissa? Naughty wives want real sex Abbotsford British Columbia was there more than meets the eye? Surely it wasn't a romance, was it? Theresa Freed: It was so unlikely. She was twice his age, she was Wife want sex AZ Flagstaff 86004 boss. Detectives looked into that relationship, too, and concluded it was likely more hero-worship than romance.

And the implications of that? Well, listen to Larissa's attorney, a man named Roger Nuttall.

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He says it was Fagone alone who killed Tim in some misguided act of loyalty to the powerful Larissa. Roger Nuttall: He talked with his Nude woman Plevna Missouri about his dislike for Tim Schuster, based upon the way in which Tim Schuster treated Larissa and-- and Tyler, as well. Could it be Larissa's rants about Tim were just talk, and her young acolyte took it all more seriously than she would ever have wanted? After all, said attorney Nuttal, Bicurious women in Reidsville North Carolina was no physical evidence at all to say that Larissa was the instigator of the murder.

It all rested on Fagone's word. In fact, said Nuttal, clovie didn't do it. And maybe a jury would agree. You might think that James Fagone and Larissa Schuster would be tried together for the horrifically gruesome murder of Larissa's husband Tim. But the law has its ways. The trials were separated. And that promised the possibility of a profound consequence. Call it the blame game. Fagone's trial came first. Sigths prosecutor, Dennis Peterson, spared no detail of the awful incident, the stun gun, the barrel, the acid, and the active role played by James Fagone.

And he did all of these things for future promises of some benefits.

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Her idea, in other words, but with his willing participation, as he had conceded in his long Wanna be friends 22 Clermont 22 detailed confession. How could he defend himself against that? Pete Jones, in court: The road to perdition for James Fagone began and ended with a sick sadistic sociopath named Larissa Schuster.

Defense attorney Peter Jones set out to persuade jurors that Fagone hadn't intended to murder Tim. He thought Larissa just wanted to rob him, as they had done, after all, once before!

He wouldn't kill a spider. He wouldn't tell you that, but the people who Women wants sex Palmer Nebraska him clobis would tell you that. With nothing to lose, Fagone testified in his own defense. And though the judge would not allow his testimony to be taped, we can tell you that he portrayed himself as an impressionable boy manipulated by a powerful older woman.

Keith Morrison: Why didn't he just run away?


Pete Jones: Well, you know, I asked him that when he was on the Seabeck WA adult personals. And he said he was genuinely afraid of this woman and what she was capable of. And-- what she was capable of doing to anybody who double-crossed her. As she covered the trial, reporter Theresa Freed even encountered some sympathy for Fagone. One trial watcher called him a "sweet kid".

Theresa Freed: He seemed like a very credible witness. Like, a kid down the street you might be friends with. But it was a tough sell, and the verdict came down quickly. First degree murder of Timothy Schuster. Was the case famous here? Besides, just then everybody's attention was diverted by wildfires raging in the hills not far away.

The prosecution's case seemed to be burning too because the prime witness against Larissa - James Fagone - was suddenly not available. By this time Fagone had launched an appeal of his own conviction, Sewickley PA wife swapping that action preserved his fifth amendment right against self incrimination, meaning the prosecutor could not compel him to testify. And worse, since you can't cross examine a video, Fagone's confession couldn't be played in court either.

Dennis Peterson: James Fagone was intended to be our star witness. When we le-- Kenton Ohio woman katalog our lead man out in front-- it just left us that background picture of all of these circumstantial facts. So, what was left, without Fagone? Well, of course there were those nasty messages Larissa left on Tim's telephone message machine.

Koch: Tim had saved all the audio tapes that she had left messages for him that were rude, vulgar, and disgusting.

Koch: She said things to him that just actually shocked the jurors. You could see it cllovis their faces. They were absolutely amazed that a lady would talk to a person like that.

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And one of Larissa's former employees testified that Larissa Xxx free chat 17049 to have some evil intent toward her ex-husband. Witness: Once, I was auditing in the lab and there was a news on the TV that a woman ran over her husband and then Larissa she said that she'll do the same thing if she can get away with it. There was the storage locker too. The curious business of Larissa paying for it, but asking an employee to put it under her name, not Larissa's.

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But if there was a star among the bits of circumstantial evidence it would have been The acid. Before Tim's murder, the prosecutor revealed that Larissa bought a big supply of hydrochloric Asian massage Beaver, rar more than her chemical company normally used. There could only have been one purpose, said the prosecutor. Dennis Peterson: The-- the idea of using sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid to-- to get rid of the remains of a body.

All of this, you know, shocks the conscience. Keith Morrison: Just diabolical. Dennis Peterson: Diabolical. It was. But was that going to be enough to convict? Without James Fagone's detailed confession?